„New Courts“ Gerichtstraße Berlin – Marketing Visualization

The company Gerichtstraße 48-51 GmbH assigned xoio with the visualization of a new office building in the heart of Berlin Wedding.
The new construction complex connects with the existing buidling of a formar post office, which will be refurbished in the course of the reconstruction. welter+welter architekten BDA is in charge for the architecture.

According to the architectual concept with campus-character a versatile use of the office areal is planned – for start-ups as well as big businesses. This diversity is clearly recognizable in the interior visualizations.

The exterior views are more focussed on architectional highlights. One of the challenges was to present in detail the very filigreed und suspended structure of the building. In addition to that it was necessary to fuse the building’s mirrored facade elements and reflective sunscreen fabrics with the surroundings.

In a productive and rewarding cooperation BML Projekte GmbH, welter+welter Architekten BDA and the creative agency Marek Polewski created five visualization, that illustrate the construction plans with all it’s facets.inen Facetten abbildet > https://newcourts.net/

We thank all our partners for the great collaboration!



„New Courts“ Gerichtstraße Berlin - Marketing Visualization


Client: Gerichtstraße 48-51 GmbH

Architecture: welter+welter Architects

CGI/Postproduction: xoio
3D Design: Julia Korotaev, Steve Pfaffe
Communication / Art Direction: Bettina Ludwig, Thomas Posselt


September 2018


Marketing Visualization, 3D Production


Konzept, CGI, Postproduktion