Kaiserbau, Germany (ArchViz)

We were commissioned with interior and exterior images for marketing material by COPRO end of 2013.

The listed five-storey building was originally built 1911 by Woltz & Bihl Architects.
Parts of the impressive building are currently refurbished and we are to show two main features of this lift up: the main facade facing the Marienplatz and a lovely interior with a stunning vaulted glass facade. Architects in charge for the refurb are Sindlinger+Vogt Architects.

It was a sheer pleasure to come up with an interior design and furnishing for this outstanding space. We hope you like it and that it will be most successful.

We would like to thank Copro for this project and the very trusting collaboration.




Kaiserbau - ArchViz


Client: Copro
Architecture: Woltz+Bihl
Refurbishment: Sindlinger+Vogt
CGI: xoio


Autumn 2013


ArchViz for marketing


CGI, InteriorConcept, Postproduction