Essener Strasse 23, Berlin

We were commissioned by the ICB in spring 2020 with the visualizations for the “Essener Strasse 23” project in Berlin. A new client and a great project!

In this way, a large number of pictures were created, which are intended to homogeneously tell the characteristics of the renovation measures of the old building as well as the integration of the planned extension and new building.

With regard to target group-oriented marketing, we were able to provide conceptual support here – find a suitable design that reflects the exciting floor plans and high-quality furnishings. Additional 360 ° views were created for the all-round view. You can try it yourself behind this link:

Neubau und Altbau.


We look forward to this cooperation and thank everyone involved in the project!



Essener Strasse 23, Berlin


Client: ICB Immobilien Consulting Berlin

Architecture: Klaus Hein Architekten

Concept/CGI: xoio
3D Design: Philipp Tscherner, Iwan Essau, Art Maknev, Nunzio Cava
Communication / Art Direction: Bettina Ludwig






Concept, CGI, Postproduction