CG Animation Icebound – Icebreaker Araon – full 3d

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This cg animation was based on a visual we did with our partners FLC Helsinki. Since we were quite thrilled with the subject of the vast icescape being explored by a lonely vessel we created this series of animated shots. „Icebound” is a study depicting the korean icebreaker „Araon” on various stages of a journey through northern greenland. Additionally we added a making-of section to illustrate our work for our clients and friends.

Main focus of our team was put onto creating a highly atmospheric lightscape, that should reflect the magical experience of being in polar areas. Additionally we strived to bring across the sensation of vast scale of an arctic landscape.

Arctic CG Animation of the icebreaker Araaon, Twilight

Creating a magic light that still would feel believable was the main challenge of this shot

We used this project to further enhance our competence in various fields of CGI-work, like physical simulation, Smoke- and Fumesimulations and realfootage montages in 3d-postproduction. The depicted cg animation was completed within the time of 6 months.

Arctic CG Animation of the icebreaker Araaon, nightshot

The night scene included detailed weather and particle simulations that should play with the strong spotlights of the ship

Arctic CG Animation of the icebreaker Araaon, clay

The Araon was built from scratch to deliver the quality that we expect from an animation model

Arctic CG Animation of the icebreaker Araaon, cloudyFor further info about the vessel visit the wikipedia side of the Araon



Icebound - CG Animation


Peter Stulz (3d, CD, Postproduction)
Lasse Rode (3d)
Arnaud Boeglin (Lighting, Renderqueue)
Pavel Lazarov (3d)


Feb. 2013


CG Animation, Concept, Realisation, 3d-Production, Postproduction