wood scale model – Hospital Cologne

wood scale model
wood scale model crop

Detail crop of the full resolution

Detail crop of the full resolution

Hospital Cologne – scale model in 3d

Creating a urban-scale model has actually become quite a challenge, since viewers have become so used to photorealism in 3d visualisation. But that is not necessarily desirable on an urban scale, not to mention an extremely labour intense task for artists – and mostly not worth the effort.
Therefor we were lucky to find with Sander Hofrichter a client to pursue this style of a wood scale model with us. Diverse techniques as depth of field, chromatic aberations create this fascinating illusion of a miniature.


Cologne clinique extension - wood scale model


Lasse Rode (3d)
Renderbar (3d agency)
Sander Hofrichter (Architecture)


November, 2011


Aerial visualisation