Winter cottage at a lakeside – full 3d photoreal illustration

winter cottage - full illustration

Our office holds the tradition to conceive annually a winter motive, which we like to share with our clients and friends. Thus we hope to counterweight the usual prechristmas stress period with our professional knowhow and some emotional illustration.

In 2011 we wanted to capture the special light you might witness in nordic regions. An landscape fully covered in snow generates a very special light situation and reflects intensely the atmospheric blue of the last diffuse daylight. This falls into nice contrast with the warm light temperature inside the cottage. We hope that we could communicate a feel / narrative of warmth and ” coming home” with this still image.


winter cottage - details

Besides the specific light we set a lot of focus onto the subtle storytelling which contributes substantially to the value of this image. On several punctual places the image suggests narratively the recent “coming home” and gathering of a close circle of friends. Compositionwise the spectator is drawn – as the travellers – towards the place of light and comfort.

All architecture and scenery elements were conceived by our artists. A full making-of has been featured on Ronen Bekerman’s blog here. Very much appreciated!


Winter retreat - Illustration


Lasse Rode (3d)
Peter Stulz (3d, Postproduction)


Decembre 2011


Exterior Visualisation