Weekend Retreat – Architecture and CGI by xoio

This weekend retreat has been conceptualized with this set of visuals of a luxury was created a while back as an internal study, The interior is designed as one continuous architectural ribbon, blurring the edges between floor, wall and ceiling. Exterior and interior become one. In our artistic liberty we chose to place the concept in a lush exterior above an opening.

curvehouse weekend retreat by xoio

The heroshot showing the concept hovering above the serene forest lake


weekend retreat curvehouse lakeside view by xoio

view from the forest lake

Additionally it should be mentioned, that while building the weekend retreat we extensively used photorealistic foilage and HiPoly-3d Models that were all created at xoio inhouse.

musicroom weekend retreat curvhouse by xoio

the brighly lit music room that features a stunning view to two sides of the space. notice the bent backwall that seamlessly connects floor, wall and ceiling into one ribbon



Curve House


Lasse Rode (3d)
Peter Stulz (Concept, 3d, Postproduction)


September 2009


Concept, Visualisation

Internal study