Axthelm_Weißer_Turm_by_xoioWasserturm Karlsruhe – Competition Visualization

In February 2014 xoio was commissioned with the competition visualization Wasserturm Karlsruhe by the office Axthelm + Roliven.
The architectural task is of urban relevance, because the planned building is going to be part of the ensemble, defining the southern downtown access.
Besides, this competition offered the interesting task to make a commercial building fit in with the defining and heritage protected water tower. Exciting.

For this visualization xoio could create a Winter scenario during the blue hour – smashing.
In addition to the “clean air” we tried to underpin the dynamics of architectural planning artistically.

We hope this has been achieved and would like to thank for the beautiful design and the good cooperation.

If you are interested, the website competition-online offers background information on job and competition results.


Wasserturm Karlsruhe - Competition Visualization


Architects: Axthelm + Rolvien Architects
CGI: xoio
Artists: Miguel Potier


February 2014


Competition Visualization


CGI, Postproduction