The Vosspalais in the middle of Berlin near Leipziger Platz and Potsdamer Platz went through some rough times during its last 130 years of existence.

After remaining relatively undamaged during WWII (compared to the building in the surrounding area) it solely got repaired in a very privisional manner – staying like that until today.

It is now going to be revitalized and converted by COPRO in cooperation with the architects of Axthelm-Rolvien.

xoio has been commissioned with the creation of several images for marketing-purposes. They had to show the refurbished interior-spaces with their uses as well as the additional parts corresponding with the old parts of the building.

The refurbished façade with its enlargend openings showing the new goundfloor at street-level is pointing into a bright future for this honorable building.


copro_vosspalais_marketingvisualisierung_03 copro_vosspalais_marketingvisualisierung_04 copro_vosspalais_marketingvisualisierung_05 copro_vosspalais_marketingvisualisierung_06