refurbishment entrance

vosspalais: entrance area

Vosspalais: Interior visual of entrance hall

xoio was happy to be commissioned to do this additional shot for the undergoing refurbishment of the listed Vosspalais in Berlin Mitte.

Copro – the investor of this huge and demanding project – asked us to develop an emotional representation of the entrance area for their marketing campaign. Following detailed drawings provided by Axthelm Rolvien architects and Wels Architects we recreated this airy space in 3d. We decided to light this scene by a late afternoon back-sun, to achieve an emotional mood and show the elegant, glossy materials best.

We were able to complete this illustration within minimal time. We thank our client Copro for the great cooperation.


Vosspalais Interior Visual


Client: Copro
Architects: Axthelm Rolvien Architects / Wels Architects
CGI: xoio


October 2013


Interior Visuals for marketing