Grundig Opener / Closer – 3d Set

This 3d-Set used in a Grundig Opener / Closer was done for our friends at Giraffentoast-Berlin. xoio hat the opportunity to help putting this virtual set together, build it in 3d and render out the animation. To prepare the conceived “colorflow” the whole sequence was rendered out in two versions, one showing the fully textured space and one in white finish. Both sequences were then handed to Giraffentoast who did the final postproduction and finishing, containing the liquid simulation.

TV Spot - virtual set

The studioset of the living room interior as HiRes seen by daylight in a modified setup

To build this virtual set the participating parties started of with a conception phase to define the exact targetgroup accessories and interiors. Afterwards the complete scene was build in 3d. The final spot was realised within 3 weeks after commision.

Thanks again for this exciting commision and excellent cooperation.

Here’s a project description on on our friends website  Giraffentoast.


Grundig Fine Arts - TV Opener and Closer


Grundig (Client)
Emenes (Production)
Giraffentoast (Director/Postproduction)
xoio (3d)


August, 2009


Virtual studio set, animation livingroom