Sneaker illustration DC
Sneaker illustration DC

Main focus was on the various leather materials being used

DC Sneaker Illustrations

We are glad to show some stills of our DC-animation. We really do like these sneakers so we made our own color version “Kermit” of ’em. According to this article on, DC Shoes are even the best shoes for longboarding – well they’v got to know.

Shading these two DC-sneakers was among the most demanding tasks we had to deal with in a long time, but we wanted it to make it work even at close-range in full HD. Check out the macros for this – you wouldn’t guess how hard it is to do a believable shoelace …

Special credits go to Michael Lang and Steve Pfaffe for their skilled modelling work on this set of 3d-illustration.

A turntable animation is underway, we hope our efforts paid off!


Sneaker illustration DC
Sneaker illustration DC alternative color scheme

The original color scheme of the sneaker set


DC Sneaker - photorealistic illustration


Michael Lang, xoio (3d)
Steve Pfaffe, xoio (3d)
Peter Stulz, xoio (3d, Shading)
Peter Stulz, xoio (Postproduction)


January 2012


Photorealistic Productvisualizsation