OFS_Coact_Lay01_by_xoiofirstoffice: COACT Modular Lounge

We are happy to present our latest product-visuals for firstoffice – a sub-brand of OFS: xoio illustrated the COACT Modular Lounge for web and print – a new furniture series that is all about flexibility.

The furniture is suited for all kind of usage-scenarios:
small private meeting areas or large public seating arrangement –  Coact provides configuration and material to suit the context.

This flexibility is focus and main task of our imagery. We designed spatious, minimal settings – from office via healthcare to transportation – in which we tell the diversity of the product.

The architecture is concieved as minimal, reduced environment that is fully supporting the product and its narrative.
Besides eye-level perspectives we produced slightly raised perspectives and detail images, which further highlight the specifics of the COACT furniture series.
xoio is very happy with the results and the final brochure.

Thanks to all collaborating artists and OFS Brands for the great collaboration and all the good work!




COACT Modular Lounge (First Office)


Client: OFS Brands
CGI: xoio
Artists: Katrin Binz, Philipp Tscherner, Tereza Hristoskova, Julia Korotaev




product visuals - print brochure / web


Design and art-direction, CG, Postproduction