Let’s play with the logo! – Openmode – Marketing Animations

Openmode is providing nextgen display solutions like transparent screens and frameless retail displays. xoio was commisioned to show a range of possible application cases in short sequences.


The iconic logo of Openmode

Our team was instantely inspired by the isometric feel of the newly created logo, which is influenced by Bauhaus graphics of the early 20s. We loved the idea of inverting this concept by „3-dimensionalizing“ it again and using it as a stencil for each shot in variations.

We were lucky to have a partner that went along with the idea of „Playing with the logo“ which normally is off-limits in brand communication. We thank Openmode for the great collaboration and wish the very best for the young startup!


The three opening scenes featuring the logo stencil



Openmode - Let's play with the logo!


Client – Openmode
3d and Postproduction – xoio
Additional editing – Openmode




Marketing animations and renderings