Kitchen tap illustration – Lots of Lemons


This visual was the result of an internal study we did a while back. In the main picture we aimed to create a suitable product world for the depicted Dornbracht kitchen faucet. The highly modern product line resulted in a strongly contrasted modern environment with the element of lemons as colorful, natural contrast to the glossy product finish.

We focused on one hand on the creation of relatively complex shaders as the folded steel blade and the subtle materiality of the lemons depicted. The whole scene was then put into a physical simulation that we rendered in slow-motion. An additional particle simulation brought in the fine spray of liquids required.


Here is the link to the Dornbracht-Product site.




Dornbracht Tara - Product Illustration


Michael Lang (3d)
Peter Stulz (3d, Postproduction)
Peter Stulz (Animation)


August, 2011


Modelling, Shading, Animation, Postproduction