German liquor manufacturer Jaegermeister was launching a new premium product called “Manifest” in spring 2017.  Our client and befriended agency Dan Pearlman was commisioned to conceptualize and realize the interior environments for the marketing events. A core element of these spaces was a large scale holographic display which housed the new hero product.

xoio was commisioned to produce an animation loop for that holographic installation, which highlighted the new product in a holographic box. Chronologically the product grows from the simple bottle up unto the fully labeled and filled liquor. We made use of various effects to deliver a diverse and intense experience featuring cg-fluids, particles and typographical animations. The project was our first, making use of the classic peppers ghost effect.

We fullheartedly thank Dan Pearman and Jaegermeister for this cooperative and creative little journey!


Jaegermeister - holographic product display


client: dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH
brand: Jaegermeister
realisation and production: xoio GmbH
display: Holoco


March, 2017