Autumn Mood - stormy  visual - Mann Hummel by xoio

The twilight situation made it possible to show the warm and welcoming interior in context with the fassade. The light color of the reception space corresponds well with the autumn leafs

Let’s do an autumn mood for this illustration! We are always happy to do seasonal renderings; somewhat gives the sensual counterpiece to being a chef on your machine. Therefor we are happy that our client ARP was so kind to give us that piece of artistic freedom. Obviously we like what our artist Arnaud Boeglin could do here and create this set of two moody visuals. So let’s hurry through the autumn mist and get ourselves a warm cup of tea!

Autumn Mood - visual - Mann Hummel by xoio

The autumn mood enables us to work in a very consistent color scheme


Competition Mann Hummel Exterior


Arnaud Boeglin, xoio (3d) ARP (architecture) Mann Hummel (Client)


August 2013


Exterior Visualisation