“Eleven” – Product visuals for marketing brochure

xoio was commmissioned by ofs the production of various interior renderings showing the eleven office furniture series. The series – comprising of table, credenza and media element, which are all available in various sizes and materials – was design by the swiss designer Daniel Korb.

With the fantastic briefing and direction of the design agency Square One Design, we were generating several furniture configurations showing the single elements in different sizes / materials – in different functions.

The visuals were done March to May in 2012 and marked the beginning of a longlasting and successful collaboration with both – OFS and Square One Design.

Thanks to all!

BTW: The brochure is available on the ofs website. Enjoy.


ofs_Eleven_Collaborative_Space_03_by_xoio ofs_Eleven_Collaborative_Space_04_by_xoio OFS_Eleven_conference_loft_by_xoio OFS_Eleven_Sideboard_with_Screen_by_xoio


Furniture series: "Eleven"


Client: OFS

Design Agency: Square One Design

CGI: xoio


March - May 2012


Product Visuals for marketing brochure