Various stages of the early design ranging from shader tests, prototypical designs and shilouettes

BOB – Brandhero Characterdesign


We were approached by “Zimt und Zucker GmbH” – a local agency based in Oranienburg – to support them with a 3d-design of this character.

Zimt und Zucker were commisioned to realise a new brand for a Berlinbased construction material supplier, who has been in business for many years and sought to combine all his services under one roof. The local market ist quite saturated and it proved to be a challenge to stand out from its competitors. Therefor a Brand hero was supposed to distinguish the new brand in its field of competitors.

Before starting the design, we initiated a quite extensive research phase to clarify the character’s traits and characteristics. After approval we went for an athletic, masculine type with a firm but benevolent character. Formally our protagonist should reflect the shapelanguage as well as the materiality of modern construction machines. It was of utmost importance to combine the product range of our client in a recognizable way yet retaining a strong shilouette.

B.O.B. in full size and splendor

A very efficient way to determine a range of possible shilouettes are these symmetry studies to nail down a general appearance

A small selection of sketches from the concept phase – localizing the different tools from the product range of our client

BOB will be used primarly in the launch phase of the new website. But since BOB has been conceptualised with a high level of detail and is fully animatable, our protagonist is also ready to be used in various medias.

We thank Zimt und Zucker and B.O.B. for this inspiring project and this great opportunity.

For more information about our client please visist BOB GmbH


To strengthen the character of the construction worker we decided to integrate recognizable elements into the formal language of the robot


BOB - Brandhero - Robot Concept


Client: Baugeräte-Online-Bestellen-GmbH
Agency: Zimt und Zucker GmbH
xoio GmbH: Concept and Realisation


January 2017


Concept, 3d Design and Realisation