Bloom Table & Chair


Bloom Chair – Lounge

Bloom Brochure – Product Visualization

In June 2015 Kimball Office assigned us with the illustration of Bloom Brochure.

Bloom – a configuration consisting of chair and table that works well in reception areas, in OpenOffice areas and as lounge furniture. A comfortable seating furniture – flexible in materiality and color. Different motives show the individual applications and purposes.

We are happy we were able to work out the spatial and visual design in addition to 3D realizations, we thus were able to help shape the overall appearance.

The designs come in digital and printed form and can be used in a variety of areas.

The images in the layout can be found with the following link.

We thank all project participants for the good cooperation!



Bloom Chair – Conference Space


Bloom Brochure - Product Visualization


Client: Kimball Office
Agency: Square One Design
Concept/CGI: xoio
Artist: Katrin Binz, Philipp Tscherner, Tereza Hristoskova
PM, Communication: Bettina Ludwig


June 2015


Product visualization


Concept, CGI, Postproduction