We took the challenge to conceptiualise and produce four different spatial scenarios in a very short time.
Besides the technically rationalised workflow we also tried to find out ways in which elements like light, cameras and material have to work together to produce a certain “image” of the given space.

1. apartment

150521_neubau_quad01 150521_neubau_quad02 150521_neubau_quad03 150521_neubau_quad04

2. patio

150519_patio_quad01 150519_patio_quad02 150519_patio_quad03 150519_patio_quad04 150519_patio_quad05 150519_patio_quad06

3. countryside

landhaus_quad_01 landhaus_quad_02 landhaus_quad_03 landhaus_quad_04

4. loft

loft_quad_01 loft_quad_02 loft_quad_03 loft_quad_04


4 rooms - study


concept, visualisation: xoio



internal study