Volkswagen Tiguan – Desert scenery

The volkswagen Tiguan study was realised to further enhance our knowledge in providing a complete scenerie in 3d for still and animation purposes. Main focus of the task was the realisation of an environment that would allow us a high degree of flexibilty to set the depicted object in scenery.


The mountainrange was generated in an external erosion simulator to provide convincing erosional patterns. By creating the desert scenery in 3d, we could move freely with our camera animations and explore various angles for our animation purposes. Several layers of vegetation and staffage elements like rocks and trees were custommodelled  and layered to create an ambience with natural feel. At the same time this terrain had to be transported into an external simulation engine to provide the vehicle simulation required.



Animation Still

Animation Still


Volkswagen Tiguan - desert scenery


xoio (3d, Postproduction)




Car Visualisation