The Villa Tugenhat which hat been planned and build by famous modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe during 1929 and 1930 in Brno, is besides being a very iconographic piece of architecture a very beautiful one.

The renders showing the house have been made at xoio as an in-house project during summer 2011 exploring different aspects in visualization like handling heavy 3d-scenes with lots of vegetation and other technical things as well as various esthetic things like composition and different lighting situation showing different seasons etc.

After publishing this little series we had the opportunity to write a detailed making-of for Ronen Bekerman’s architectural visualization-blog, divided into exterior-images and interior-images which  also gives a fairly good insight of the workflow we are practicing at xoio.

tugendhat_dof_1_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_dof_2_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_library_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_livingroom_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_patio_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_rotunde_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_slopeview_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_streetview_archviz_by_xoio tugendhat_winter_archviz_by_xoio